Thursday, September 16, 2010

spring weather fever

The Bariloche ski season is slowly winding down. The sun is out. The days are warmer. The snow is slowly retreating up the mountain. The crowds are fewer. Workers are going through the daily grind with less and less motivation. And the stress levels higher.


The season is only 3 months long. During those months, the hours are long and days-off are unheard of. By the time we get to September, everyone is tired. Ski instructors have been explaining the same techniques everyday for the past three months. Hotel receptionists have been checking tourists in and out everyday for the past three months. Bus and taxi drivers have been navigating the same route everyday for the past three months. And NewYorkCity-born waitresses have been polishing, serving, and telling the same stories everyday for the past three months.

I’m tired.

I'm done. I'm so very done. I still show up to work everyday, but my heart is very noticeably elsewhere. I go through the motions, but without my usual smile and positivity. It has also come to light that I seem to have a problem dealing with disrespectful and stressed out people. Especially those with supposed authority. Or they seem to have a problem with me.
Whatever it is, there's no need to get into details, but it suffices to say that the energy has turned sour. I’m just looking forward to finishing the season.

So how do I salvage what’s left of my sanity? Well, I live in a ski town… I have the best view of the ski slopes from where I sit polishing cups… and work mere minutes from the ski lifts… I bet you’ve already guessed it.

I had forgotten how much I love skiing.

Flying down the mountain. Weaving through moving targets. Wind snapping through my hair. Controlled recklessness.

It’s amazing.

What does a typical Alisa-day look like? Skiing for 4 hours. Working for 9 hours. Commuting for 2 hours. Waking up and going to bed for 2 hours. Hanging out with friends for 2-5 hours. Sleeping? There’s always time for sleeping in the low season!

Que siga nevando!!

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