Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's winter.

And lots of things are happening.

1. I am still teaching English.

2. I went hiking to Laguna Negra two weekends ago and have some phenomenal photos. Feast your occipital lobe on these:

3. I had a mandatory border crossing to Chile to renew my 3-month Argentinian tourist visa. We went with our neighbors and a rental car.

There was an awesome volcano.

Argentina to Chile:

Chile to Argentina:

4. Winter has come to Bariloche without warning. Snow on mountain tops. Poofy jackets. Numb extremities.

Salu2 de la Patagonia!! I promise to write more soon!!


N8 said...

Promise promise!??!

Nice post! Good to see what´s been happening...on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Alisa, u have experienced a lot btween blogs. You have a unique perspective. Often I correlated urs & N8s to get a richer view of life in Bariloche. Ur views r valued and missed. Looking forward to summer. Mike