Monday, July 28, 2008

Rochester to NYC: a brief recap... more to come!

We arrived in New York City on the 23rd
after a day and a half of whoopie pies, errand running, chocolate bread pudding, and relaxing in Rochester. We were clean and well rested and well fed!

Terri and Mike generously
lent us their white VOLVO! So we packed our considerably fewer belongings, said a thanksforeverything and a hopefullyseeyousoon, and pulled out onto Highland Ave. We were on the road again.

After stopping for a caffeinated pickusup, I took over at the wheel. What a luxury to drive the VOLVO! I could see out of the rear window, I played with gadgets that told me things like my instantaneous MPG, and it didn’t smell like dirty climbing shoes! Not only that, but the passenger seat had some serious legroom. I could have lived in that car.

But then we got to Manhattan and I immediately wanted to leap out of the car and frolic through the streets. Nevermind driving through torrential downpours to get here, it was all worth it! It’s nice to be home.

Of course there’s nowhere to park on the busy chaotic streets of New York, so we doublepark while quickly unloading all of my junk onto the sidewalk. Nate and my mom moved the stuff into the apartment building while I cruised over pot holes, dodged pedestrians, and caught myself before making a free right turn over to the garage.

Up in the apartment, after a few hugs, we whip up a falafel, hummus, stuffed grapeleaves, and a spicy local arugala salad.

The next morning, we walk
up Broadway to see my dad in hopes of providing therapy for Nate’s confused computer.

After a speedy walkthrough of the farmer’s market, I walk the roadtripper N8 down to the garage.

It’s always tough to say goodbyes, but I know that he’ll have so much fun with his family in Maine. With a triathalon, an engagement party, relatives, and rockclimbing I’m sure he’ll be super busy and happy.

Meanwhile, I turn my eyes to the magical circus that is New York City plotting my next move...

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